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Order Coffee

Our coffee is incredibly fresh—we don’t roast it until you order it! All orders placed Monday through Friday are roasted and shipped the next business day. To help you find the perfect blend or roast type, we’ve organized our coffee by the following categories:

Espresso Roasts

Dark Roasts

These are the Espresso Roasts offered by Jackie’s Java:

  • Espresso Smooth
  • Espresso Gold
  • Italian Espresso
  • Barista Blend

Our dark roasts are bolder in flavor and strong in taste. A combination of factors CAN go into our dark roasts: longer roast times, higher temperatures, denser beans, and roasting with a damper so that the coffee cooks in it’s own smoke to create a smokey flavor. All of our dark roasts use some of these factors but not all- that’s what keeps them unique! These are the Dark Roasts offered by Jackie’s Java:

  • French Roast
  • La Amistad Estate Dark Roast
  • Black Velvet
  • Costa Rican Tarrazu
  • Colombian Supremo
  • Midnight Satin
  • Guatemalan Estate
  • Horsetooth Blend
  • Awaken

Medium Dark Roasts

Medium Roasts

These are some of Jackie’s favorites! Dark enough to stand up to heavy cream if you desire and still packed with flavor and subtle nuances unique to the origin of the beans themselves. These are the Medium-Dark Roasts offered by Jackie’s Java:

  • Dad’s Blend
  • Organic Dad’s Blend
  • Poudre River Blend
  • Organic Rainforest Blend

AKA Breakfast Blends. These coffees are great consumed black, or doctored up with cream and sugar. They are smooth and not too strong. Never a burnt flavor or bitter taste. These are the Medium Roasts offered by Jackie’s Java:

  • Panamanian
  • Heaven’s Blend
  • Organic Ethiopian Sidamo
  • Organic Hummingbird
  • The Guatemalan Collaborative Project

Light Roasts

Colorado Blends

Light roasts have the most complex and varying flavors. This is where you don’t have to be a connoisseur to taste the big fruit forward notes or intense citrus undertones that some coffees bring to the table. The natural undertones are more vibrant and pronounced and the coffee tastes more exciting and lively while having less body and rich mouthfeel. These are the Light Roasts offered by Jackie’s Java:

  • La Amistad Estate Light
  • Organic Peruvian
  • Single Origin Colombian

Our line of Colorado Blends have their own unique packaging and labeling different from our normal coffees featuring seasonal scenes of Colorado. These packages are popular with tourists looking for “Colorado” gifts to bring home. These are the Colorado Blends offered by Jackie’s Java:

  • Above Treeline Blend
  • Rocky Mountain Blend

Flavored Coffees

Decaf Coffees

All of our flavored coffees are made using our best selling medium roast coffee; Heaven’s Blend. No robusta fillers here! With 35+ flavors to choose between, you are certain to find the one you want! Our decaffeinated coffees are 100% Water Processed and Chemical Free. All coffees are packaged in 12 oz foil gusseted airtight bags and can be ground (for free!) to your liking.

Single Origin


Every year Jackie travels the world searching for small, unique farmers that are as dedicated to quality coffee as we are. When you take your first sip of Jackie’s Java we want you to say, “WOW!” That’s why we work so hard to bring you unique offerings and build long-term relationships with our growers. To extract the optimal flavor of the coffee beans, each type of coffee is roasted separately, and then blended. Our decision to roast different beans individually allows us to offer a wider variety of small batch blends, including custom blends. This is why Jackie’s Java is not only fresh and innovative, but also the best tasting.

Wholesale Customers

If you would like to buy in bulk, please Contact Jackie to learn more about becoming a Wholesale customer. If you already have a login, please visit our wholesale page to log in. We look forward to receiving your order!