Colorado coffee roaster using enviro-friendly single-serve coffee pod packaging

Packaging Strategies

Jackie’s Java is one of the first roasters in the country to sell single-serve coffee pods with packaging that is recyclable in their efforts to become one of the most environmentally conscious roasters. The pod packaging they began using in mid-March is award-winning for its environmental friendliness and sustainability.


Jackie’s Java and Coffee in the News

ISSUU—Mind+Body: “Coffee Queen”

For many of us, coffee is more than a drink. It’s the answer to those lethargic mornings and sluggish afternoons, a ritualistic rite for mug-toting caffeine-oholics, and a modern-day reflex to draw people together. But for Jackie Harris, it represents something even greater: family.

“Do you have kids?” Harris asks her interviewer.

A nod to the affirmative.

“How you feel about your kids is how I feel about my business, is my guess. I want to see it grow up and become something special.” Selling coffee is clearly more than just a way to make money. “This is my baby. Literally, it is!” 

The 31-year-old owner of Fort Collins-based Jackie’s Java has spent about half her life transforming an obsession with Arabica (not that awful Robusta stuff) into a career. She has watched her business grow from roasting raw beans in a boyfriend’s garage into a local and regional favorite, and consistently compares favorably with that other company in Seattle. So her earnestness is justified.

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