Decafs from a 100% Water Processed technique

Our decafs are 100% Water Processed, meaning that there are absolutely no chemicals used during the decaf process. The coffee beans are soaked in a water bath and through osmosis the caffeine leaches out and into the water. The water is then cycled through a carbon filter which removes the caffeine molecules and the process is repeated until 99.7% of the caffeine has been removed.

Most decaf coffees use Methane Chloride to remove the caffeine. (A chemical that is toxic and found in femeldehyde) But NOT at Jackie’s Java- our decaf coffees are 100% water processed and chemical free.

We have a lot of decaf coffee options to choose between. Browse below, or you can display only flavored or regular coffees using this dropdown menu.

Regular Decafs

Flavored Decafs


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