Wholesale Custom Labels

grid-of-labelsJackie’s Java roasts everything fresh to order and can therefore offer our wholesale clients the opportunity to create their own custom blend at no additional charge. Get creative! If you are the sole outlet for customers to find this distinctive blend, you will have your customers regularly coming back to your store and telling their friends and family. We have a full cupping room at our new Roastery so bring your staff and lets schedule a custom tasting session and design your very own custom blend!

We provide promotional materials such as magnetic labels for your pump pots, banners depicting our sustainable and social practices, and photos of the actual farm where your coffee comes from. In addition, our coffees are all packaged in very bright, colorful, eye-catching foil gusseted bags. They are custom sealed for freshness and practically jump off the shelf at customers! Best of all, you can create a custom label to go with your custom blend. Some of our customers’ labels are featured on this page.